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Tudor's gallery
        Hello and thank you for visiting this site. First a few words about the HDR technique (High Dynamic Range).
It represents a set of techniques which allows the capture of more details of the same subject than a normal photograph.
The idea is to present the details from both the bright and dark areas.
        To get this effect one takes at least 3 photographs of the same subject with different levels of exposure.
In the underexposed ones there will be specific aspects from the bright areas, in the overexposed ones there will be specific
aspects from the dark areas and in the normally exposed photographs there will appear specific aspectsfrom the middle areas.
        The 3 exposures are finally merged with special software for HDR.
        Equipment: Nikon D80 (body), Nikon grip MB-D80, lenses Nikon AFS 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6G ED IF DX,
Speedlight SB900 blitz, multicoated UV filter, multicoated polarizing filter, remote control Nikon ML3,
cable remote control Nikon MC-DC1, a Fancier FT-6702 tripod and a DÖRR Adventure bag.
HDR Photo